The Iron Throne

trone de fer Aquarilis Paris

The Iron Throne – Vincent Martin’s Biscaïa – 2023 – Aquarilis Paris

The first official creation by the Padawan recently admitted to the AQUARILIS Jedi family… The “Iron Throne” is an aquatic landscape in the aquarium style of Takashi Amano, the Master of us all!

The cultural reference is to be found in another fantasy universe. George R. R. Martin’s.

Gone is the overly artificial look of the classic planted aquarium. Rather than reproducing a particular landscape, the nature aquarium style aims to create a landscape with a wild, natural feel. This in no way prevents you from working on form, perspective and harmony between the various decorative elements of the composition.

Here, the focus is on the hardscape and mainly on wood. The visual impact of the latter is very strong. The plants are significantly less authoritative, giving the whole a natural, old-fashioned look; nature is gradually reclaiming its rights over the human artifacts.

An abandoned throne, a forgotten history of struggles and rivalries, poetry… A ruined landscape reminiscent of the romantic spirit of the nineteenth century…


And on the right side of the Force.