the crown of thorns

incpiria duo couronne epine

L’Epine – Laurent Garcia – 2023 – Showroom Aquarilis Paris

When it comes to creation, nothing is ever certain to be predefined. L’Epine is a good example.

This EHEIM incpiria 430 duo is an aquarium furniture combination that was intended, from the outset in the showroom, for placement in a display case. It’s a beautiful set that can be worked on both sides and which, in terms of furniture, can act as a space divider in an interior. Here, it can be viewed from both inside and out!

We were planning to carry out a dry decoration in the presence of students from a film school, with a view to shooting the images.

But then…

The hardscape, composed exclusively of roots, quickly appealed to us. It seemed unfinished and very promising.

This is how we converted our dry decor into a terrarium! To find out more…

A fine example of the artistic process and creation in general; we don’t always know which port we’re sailing into.