Equipment sales

Aquarilis does not currently sell equipment by mail order.

We advise our customers on the hardware configurations that will accompany the creation of future decors, and most of the time, we handle these configurations.

Equipment sales for a complete setup.

However, if you’d like to do the installation yourself, we can bring you the equipments and decor elements, that we will deliver directly to your home. We can help you decide which aquarium to choose, based on your capacity (volume), your tastes and your budget. We’ll also suggest additional equipment (adapted filtration, lighting, CO2…) and the elements of your future composition (type of soil, rocks, roots, quantities…).

Thanks to a long experience in aquarium intstallations, and our mastery in Eheim brand equipment, we can put our expertise at your disposal to find the configuration best suited to your needs.

So whatever your project is:

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