Showroom and competition aquariums

Since the creation of the Aquarilis showroom, many aquariums have passed through our doors, initially in our former premises in Carrières-sur-Seine, and today in our space at Aquarilis Paris. Some have been entered in prestigious competitions, others have been exhibited at cultural events, and several have even been showcased in captivating videos.

These unique creations are not intended to remain static; they are constantly evolving. Once displayed and admired, they are carefully dismantled to make way for new versions, sometimes adopted by new, enthusiastic owners. So every visit to our showroom offers a new experience, a new source of inspiration for aquascaping and design enthusiasts.

We invite you to discover our constantly evolving collection. Whether you’re looking for ideas for your own aquarium project or simply curious about our aquatic world, you’ll always find something new to admire. Our exhibitions are also ideal for family visits, combining entertainment and cultural enrichment.

Visit us and immerse yourself in our fascinating world of aquascaping and aquatic design. Be inspired by our unique creations and discover the art of transforming a simple aquarium into a living work of art.