Proxima Fauna

proxima fauna aquarilis

Proxima fauna – Laurent Garcia – 2023 – Aquarilis Paris

The proxima fauna is a paludarium launched last year by EHEIM.

Open at the front, it features a glass platform positioned higher up, at the rear of the tank. This supports the discharge and suction system. This system allows a wide range of aerial and aquatic combinations in terms of layout and composition.

This aquarium is our testing ground. The stepped decor is made up of stacked slates, which are not necessarily glued together here. Several plants are tested here. Such is the case with helixin, a perennial, tapering outdoor plant whose foliage is much appreciated.

Here’s a new product whose possibilities are still being explored! And we really enjoy doing it.

What a wonderful worldaquascaping is!

The Proxima Fauna won the Animal Expo 2022 Innovation of the Year award at its inaugural exhibition on the EHEIM stand. He was decorated for the occasion by Laurent GARCIA.