Pooka Scape

Pookalandia Aquaclass 66

Pooka Scape – Laurent Garcia – July 2022 – Aquarilis Paris

This tank was designed and launched in July 2022, with a view to its presentation at the ANIMAL EXPO trade show in the same year, on the EHEIM stand.

These small-format aquaclass tanks are easy to transport. Since we particularly liked it, we decided to keep it. This is the oldest, most highly developed aquascape in our new showroom.

The roots were arranged vertically. Monte Carlo plants(Micranthemum Tweediei) have been grafted onto them, in the manner of epiphytes. These are regularly fertilized to compensate for the fact that they are not planted on the ground. On higher ground, they thrive best in medium but direct light. We appreciate the green screens that have formed. We transplanted Rotala Rotundifolia onto the Monte Carlo carpet to create a back line to the decor. The ratio of scale between the hardscape elements and the flora is quite ideal.

Warm light, abundant, vigorous flora… a harmonious ambience.