Setting up Eheim PowerLed ramps


Here is a typical configuration for setting up Eheim PowerLed + ramps on Incpiria using the basic combo “1 PowerLed fresh daylight and 1 PowerLed fresh plants”.

These recommendations can be applied to all tanks 60cm deep.

Initial settings

7 hours of lighting with 1 hour of ascent and 1 hour of descent means 6 hours of effective lighting. Beware of staggered lighting hours late at night, as a room is lit as early as the morning.

Whites and yellows are at 80% of maximum, blues at 70% of whites.

Final set-up and acclimatization

Depending on the conditions offered (CO2, suitable fertilization, etc.), we can consider growing the white and yellow varieties at full power.

The acclimatization mode is designed to handle this automatically.

In this case, where we want to start at 80%-80%-56% (i.e. 80% of the final lighting) and finish at 100%-100%-70%, here’s how to set it up.

The control box will gradually build up to its maximum in 60 days.

The final duration can be envisaged between 8h and 10h effective, or 9h and 11h with one hour of ascent and one hour of descent.

Here are a few special cases:

Very bright room

Influential ceiling lights

In some cases, the lighting in certain rooms can affect the lighting in the aquarium (spotlights or neon tubes generally installed in reception halls, on the ceilings of pet shops, etc.). These lights, usually yellow, can affect the balance of the tank.

We generally lower the yellows (or even remove them in extreme cases) and position the fresh plant ramp at the rear.

Heavily planted planters

For heavily planted containers and light-demanding plants (red plants in particular), it will eventually be necessary to increase the lighting to 100%, and it may be useful to add one or two additional lighting strips. In this case, appropriate fertilization and CO2 will be necessary.

Setting up Eheim PowerLed ramps


Proxima and Proxima Scape aquariums have a shallower depth of 50 cm. It’s best to dim the lights. Here’s an example. Particular attention should be paid to the gradual increase in intensity, in which case we prefer to manually increase the intensity or extend the number of days for the acclimatization climb.

Initial settings

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