Installation of an Eheim LED Conrtol + controller

The “Led Control” box behaves like a wifi terminal. You need to connect to it, then the
set up by connecting to the application using a browser. Smartphone or computer
without any special configuration.
Screen copies are made from a smartphone.

Stage 1 :

Connect to the “Eheim LEDControl +” wifi terminal

Step 2:

From a browser, connect to the address “”.

Step 3:

You are now connected to the box settings application. Some terminals lead directly to the settings page, others to the home page. In this 2nd case, go to the settings icon.

Choose the language, then select the installed ramp model from the drop-down menu. If your equipment is equipped with several ramps, add the extra ramps.

4th stage :

Select the lighting time range, the ramp-up time from 0 to maximum intensity, and then the reverse. Finally, choose the maximum light output.

For more information on ramp settings, click here

Stage 5:

Remember to save the information each time you make a change.

Last stop :

Finally, once the settings are complete, go to the home page, then check the “cycle” menu.
daily” is selected. Otherwise, the previous settings will be useless. You can also explore different options such as acclimatization mode, night mode, or play with each of the colors of the installed railings.

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