The eye


The Eye – Laurent Garcia – 2020

The first version of l’Oeil saw its final hours some time ago.

In keeping with its own models (that of the living being and of Nature), every aquascape has an end.

There are some creations that we are particularly fond of, but which we can’t keep beyond a certain period of time: the photographic archive (which, incidentally, is also an artistic work in itself) is fortunately there to preserve the imprint!

In terms of composition, the eye was made up as follows:

A group of River Woods was fading into a slightly off-center vanishing point on the left. These beautiful roots with their structured wood have the particularity of releasing little tannin in an aquatic environment, making them easy to work with.

What made this bac special? These include polychromatic effects, both in the planting and in the living environment. We’re thinking of the Rotala, which highlights the landscape on the heights and contrasts with the shades of green. We’re also thinking of the touches of red and blue provided by Cardinalis and Blue Velvet.