mordor paludarium

Mordor– Laurent Garcia – 2018 – Showroom Aquarilis Paris

This paludarium is just a few years old. Maybe five already. It proves that it’s possible to maintain an aquascape over the long term and make it evolve.

His process was the subject of a video.

Another reference to Tolkien ‘s universe and his
. We are transported to the “Black Country” and the ashes of
. The décor is essentially composed of lava rocks laid on roots.

This ferry has come a long way. Previously closed, we opened it at the front to make a paludarium. It’s really a creation that serves as a testing ground in terms of set-up and planting. The maintenance of humidity and hydration of emerged plants has been the subject of several trials. We paid particular attention to this.

The above-ground part is heavily vegetated. In contrast, the more open-worked underground section is highlighted by backlighting. The whole thing creates an eerie, inhospitable atmosphere! Its power of attraction is no less irresistible… Enough to send shivers down your spine!