Frontera II

frontera II

Frontera II – Laurent Garcia – 2023 – Aquarilis Paris

It’s a diorama we modeled from a 300-liter tank we presented at theIAPLC World Aquascaping Championships in 2017. Frontera came 28th in the competition.

The landscape concept of this replica is more or less the same. There’s a mountain range at the back of the ferry. Originally, roots framed the center of the composition. This version is original in that the roots are laid vertically. They cover the upper part of the tray. It’s true that we recommend never gluing these elements to the front of the aquarium for practical reasons; the roots here are removable for maintenance purposes. They are only positioned and balanced on the front panel. A little tip from the seasoned, pragmatic aquascaper, who always manages to combine technique, aesthetics and the well-being of living things!