Photography by Franck Denis

Dragon wood aquarilis

Photography by Franck Denis

Here we present the beautiful work of our friend Frank Denis, who recently visited our showroom.

Here’s his look at some of theAQUARILIS creations, through the medium of photography.

This is a whole new aesthetic experience. We bring it to you through the web.

Perception is held to be superior because it is immediate experience and takes precedence over the other senses. We’re talking about photography. The ferry isn’t really there anymore.

The aquascaper works with an essential element: water. The photographer, on the other hand, works with an indispensable material: light. And above all, artists in general start from something already given; they never create from nothing. Let’s be modest. We’re the first.

So Franck turned his attention to our aquariums. Like a magician. And night has fallen on the little world of AQUARILIS! And what an effect!

Luminous effects and a unique, dreamlike atmosphere.

Through skilful use of lighting, mise en abîme and framing, he opens the way to the imaginary and to mystery.

You almost forget the water! Except for a few details…

This is the genius of photographic art. The image does not analogically reproduce the object that serves as its subject. It is the recreation of something. It is an artistic work in itself. It also opens up a whole new discursive space. But we’re already too chatty.

To each his own interpretation. And above all, to each his own.

Just watch and let yourself be carried away. It’s magical.

We love it.

Thanks Franck.

Franck Denis on Instagram

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