Photo shooting by Romain ROUCOULES

Pooka Scape noir et blanc
Jumping into another world with both feet.
That of dreams, imagination and strangeness.
Here, we invite you to take a filtered look at four of our creations currently on display in the showroom.
Welcome to the two-dimensional world of photography and black & white!
It’s amazing how black and white photography reveals the spirit of aquatic design in our compositions. Without color, it’s the calibration of gray values, lines, curves, shapes, solids and voids that stand out. And shadow and light! See the spider. It appears all at once. She’s about to step out of the frame!
We’ll leave you to appreciate the charm and special atmosphere of these shots, and add a final thought. This is the power of the photographic medium (and of the mimetic image in the broadest sense): to suggest depth. Open a window onto other worlds and take you through the looking glass…

Many thanks to Romain, Anna and the whole team!

  • Photographer Romain Roucoules
  • Aquariums: Aquarilis (Laurent Garcia, Vincent Martin’s Biscaïa)
  • Set Design Anna Piasek
  • Lighting assistant Ehoarn Desmas
  • Digital assistant: Pedro Teles
Arachnee noir et blanc

Trone de fer noir et blanc
Mordor Noir et Blanc